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Who Are We?

Who is behind Le Petit Ballon?

Behind Le Petit Ballon lie four kindred spirits with a passion for wine and French cuisine: Martin Ohannessian, Jean-Michel Deluc, Matthieu Lesne and Clément Thibaut! Their idea? To help the clueless, the curious or even the would-be wine connoisseur taste, discover and enjoy the world of wine, all without taking themselves too seriously!

The Team



They run the company

Martin Ohannessian, Matthieu Lesne et Clément Thibault


They're travelling the world, taste and carefully select the wines

Jean-Michel Deluc, Naomi Marienneau and Anne Reutin


The artist

Olivier Kraff


They post, tweet, regram and blog

Sophie Baudouin, Joséphine Piot and Marion Raveleau


They are the data specialists

Grégoire Remy & Thibaut Gourmelon


They code

Yannick Lamour & Anna Alcaide Hijano


They're are taking care of our international family!

Pauline Satiat & Christabel Brain


They take care of your parcels!

Alexandre Delobelle


She loves numbers

Myriam Benlarech


They're your wine advisor at La Grande Cave

Eric Morvan & Léo Paix


They're always here to help!

Maxime Brillanceau, Lucie Monteau and Whitney Attobrah