Who Are We?

Who are we?

Behind Le Petit Ballon lie three kindred spirits with a passion for wine and French cuisine!
Their idea? To help the clueless, the curious or even the would-be wine connoisseur taste, discover and enjoy the world of wine, all without taking themselves too seriously!

It all started in 2009 when Martin Ohannessian, already an entrepreneur in the music industry, decided to change course and jump into the world of monthly wine subscriptions. This epicurean had always loved gastronomy and wine, but knew very little about it. He decided to take wine-tasting classes and workshops, but quickly lost interest as they were either too expensive, too old-fashioned or too laborious! In other words, boring.

Inspired by videos of the American wine critic Gary Vaynerchuk, and thanks to witnessing people enjoying “wine subscription boxes” in the United States “et voilà!” a new concept was born: offering monthly wine subscription of handpicked wines with fun videos accompanying them in order to help people learn more about wine. He just had to find an expert who could help him with the wine selection. He found dozens of sommeliers, the “best in the world”, the “champions”, the “up-and-comers”. There was one overriding feeling: these stars embodied the opposite of Le Petit Ballon's spirit of authenticity and friendliness.

Just as he was about to change course, he finally found Jean-Michel Deluc , former sommelier at The Ritz Paris and they immediately hit it off. Two months later they were working together before being joined by Matthieu Lesne, Martin’s classmate. Since then, Le Petit Ballon has not stopped growing...

Le Petit Ballon is now about to celebrate its fifth anniversary with more than 60'000 subscribers and a shop in Paris and we’re thrilled that you’re joining us on the adventure in the UK!