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Le Petit Ballon UK will be closing as of 28th February 2019

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Discover our previous wine subscription boxes...

Tempted to give a monthly wine subscription a go?

Have a look at the boxes we’ve had in previous months to see what you can expect from joining a wine club. All bottles are carefully selected by our world-renowned sommelier, Jean-Michel Deluc. Every month we’ll take you on another step of your wine journey, with a different theme according to the season (alpine wines, organic, rosé...etc)

What is a wine box?

No, not one of those cartons you find on a supermarket shelf filled with a toxic liquid that just about passes as wine. The Le Petit Ballon wine box is the box we send to our subscribers every month containing 2 bottles of wine, their corresponding tasting notes, and a monthly magazine called The Gazette.

The different theme every month means that no two boxes you receive are ever the same, and we guarantee that feeling of surprise every time you open a new box. Learn the tricks of the trade, wine tips to impress your friends, food pairings and stories about our very own winemakers.

Our mission is to help you discover new wines in a simple and fun way.

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Why gift a wine subscription?

The Le Petit Ballon wine subscription is an ideal gift for anyone who loves wine, be it an expert or an amateur.

1. Great for every occasion A birthday, wedding, Father's Day, Mother’s day, leaving present, Christmas, or ‘just because...’

2. It's flexible Choose between 3, 6 or 12 months to gift, or customize the length of subscription starting from 6 months.

3. It's more than just one gift A monthly wine subscription to Le Petit Ballon is a surprise every month. It’s the definition of a gift that keeps on giving.

4. It's a chance to know more about wines Not only do we select the best bottles, Le Petit Ballon is a great way for people to find their own personal tastes. Each subscriber has a wine profile that gets refined over the course of their subscription. With this information, our algorithm is able to recommend wines that are best suited to each individual.

Don’t wait any longer to treat yourself, or someone you know, to an extraordinary wine experience!

Why subscribe to a wine subscription?

Whether you’re an amateur or a connoisseur, there are many good reasons for you to subscribe to Le Petit Ballon.

1. You’re tired of the same old £10 bottle of wine from the supermarket. That’s why Jean-Michel Deluc, our world renowned sommelier, explores the best vineyards of France and around the world, to uncover true gems to share with you. The element of surprise every month. Who doesn’t want to open a different present every month?

2. You want to learn more about wine. Ever feel stuck when handed a wine list? With LPB you’ll learn to recognize the wines you love.

3. Stop drinking bad wine! Le Petit Ballon is on a crusade against bad wine. Having every bottle selected by the former sommelier of the Ritz means you can rest assured you’re always in for a treat.

Don’t wait any longer to subscribe to the Le Petit Ballon wine subscription.

From £29.89/month including delivery. Start your wine discovery now! No commitment, cancel at any time with 1 click.