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10 reasons to give your nan a wine subscription

If anyone deserves a wine subscription, it's your nan. That's reason enough, but if you need more persuasion, continue reading for out 10 reasons why it'll be the best gift you buy this year.

By Christabel Brain
2018/03/08, 12:27 PM

1. She's a feeder

I don't care who you are or where you're from (excuse the backstreet boy reference), but I can guarantee that your grandma force fed you as you grew up (and probably still does). Thank her for all those years of keeping you fed and watered.

2. She gave you the bottle, now it's your turn

Swap the milk bottle for the wine bottle.

3. Think of the homemade treats you'll get as a thank you!

You know it's true.. Your favourite cake will be whipped up in minutes.

4. You'll have a great reason to visit her more often

A grandma with a stocked wine cellar is better than a grandma without a stocked wine cellar. It's just maths.

5. She taught you what you know about wine

From sneaking you a taste of her wine at Christmas, to asking you to collect her favourite bottle from the cellar, you're likely to have some early memories of wine tasting with your nan!

6. You'll be the favourite

It's what we're all after at the end of the day; becoming the favourite grandchild. Move over brother who has a great job in the city, and cousin who's always polite and respectful, there's a new favourite in town!

7. Flowers have been and gone

Be original. Get her something that will last.

8. Collect the dregs

Any bottles that don't get finished might just come your way.

9. You loooove your nan!

Say no more

10. Blablabla

Nothing left to say really. Top 10 just sounds better than top 9. Go buy a subscription!