Hints and tips

10 wine hacks you need to know

Being able to tell your sauvignon from your sémillon is one thing, but do you know how to open a bottle of wine with a shoe? For all the very high-brow wine tips we can offer, read on..

By Christabel Brain
2017/10/20, 05:16 PM

1. Keeping your wine cool without a fridge.

Wine cubes! Fill your ice cube tray with white wine or rosé and let freeze for 24 hours. Remember to match the wine in the ice cubes with the wine in your glass.

2. Dealing with broken bits of cork inside the bottle

No problem! Pour the wine out through a coffee filter. The filter will pick up all the small pieces of cork, leaving what's left in your glass silky smooth!

3. When you've only got 20 minutes to chill a bottle

Wet 3 sheets of paper towel and wrap them around the bottle. Leave in the freezer for 20 minutes and your bottle will be nice and chilled.

4. Keeping your wine for longer

Store your bottles horizontally so that the wine touchees the cork and prevents it from drying out. A dry cork can cause evaporation.

5. When you want the ice bucket to cool your wine faster

Simple: just add salt! The contact with the salt will drop the temperature of the ice to around -15C.

6. Impressing with your presentation skills

Cut fresh fruit into little pieces and add them to your glass of wine. Strawberries and fresh blueberries add lovely notes to the taste of the wine.

7. Ice cube alternative

Freeze grapes and use them instead of ice cubes in your wine glass.

8. Removing a wine stain

Move over salt, what actually does the job better is soda water, washing up liquid and a little elbow grease.

9. Calculating how many bottles you need for a party

Keep in mind that a conventional 75cl bottle of wine will give 6 glasses of wine. 8 to 10 glasses if it's champagne or sparkling.

10. Opening your bottle wine a shoe

Hold the bottom of the bottle in the heel of your shoe. Using repetitive blows on a wall, the cork should gradually emerge from the tips of its nose. tip: it's all about getting the right angle, not necessarily about how hard you hit it