7 Tips For Your Dinner Party

Good food, wine and friends is an unbeatable combination.. But here are a few extra dinner party tips!

By Christabel Brain
2017/09/20, 04:35 PM

1. Champagne, of course.

Even if it’s not your favourite, there something about Champagne that speaks of special occasions and is guaranteed to get your guests in a party mood. The popping of the cork is almost ceremonial, and a toast with champagne is a great way to bring the guests together, feeling unified. A good prosecco also does the trick!
Tip: chill your prosecco/champagne for at least 2 hours before your guest arrive

2. Over compensate on glasses - of all types!

Sipping a delicate Savoie out of a mug can somewhat ruin the moment. Think you’ve got enough glasses for all your guests? Keep in mind that throughout the night they may want to drink champagne, white white, a taste of red wine, just a bit of that rose and oh maybe a gin and tonic - all from different glasses.
Tip: Lots of supermarkets offer wine glasses on loan for free!

3. Have something for everyone

Even though you may have picked the perfect shiraz to go with your roast beef, make sure to have a couple of bottle of white on hand for any picky guests!

4. Don’t run out of wine

As a general rule, guests will have 2 drinks in the first hour of the party, and 1 drink every hour after that. So all you need to know is how many guests are coming, and when the dinner is ending.

5. Decant your wine ahead of time

If your wine needs decanting (check the Le Petit Ballon tasting notes to see), then make sure you do that ahead of time as they can need 2-3 hours to breathe - and will taste a lot better!

6. Order your wine in advance

You don’t want to get to the day of the party and realise you’ve forgotten to order the wine! Order a case or two (or three) in advance to make sure that you’re fully stocked up. Don’t rely on your guests bringing wine, even if they say they will!

7. Brush up on the wines you are offering your guests

It's always nice to know a little about the wine you are drinking, especially if you are the host. It's also a good conversation starter at the beginning of the night!