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Love books, Love wine!

We've teamed up with Reading in Heels to create the ultimate Christmas reading list: complete with the wine to drink alongside each book. There's nothing better than curling up with a good book and a glass of wine by the fire, so we called on the people who know a thing or two about the best books to read..

By Christabel Brain
2017/12/06, 11:44 AM


We couldn't resist the chance to ask the girls over at Reading in Heels what we should be reading over Christmas. We've paired each of their recommendations with a wine that we think best suits it..

Bone, Yrsa Daley – Mas du Soleilla Bringaret 2012

Hollie McNish, Kate Tempest and Rupi Kaur – young female voices are making waves in contemporary poetry, and we couldn't be more pleased. The latest breakthrough name? Yrsa Daley-Ward: a feminist, model and LGBTQ activist, born in Lancashire – and now making waves in Los Angeles. Her debut poetry collection – Bone – took just three months to write, and encompasses themes from mental health and loneliness to sexuality and religion. It's a powerful read – as sharp and visceral as bone. Raw, emotional, thought-provoking, Bone's words will stay with you long after you've turned the final page. Anything less than a gutsy, spicy red would be an insult.

Pair with: Our sommelier says: “An intensely dark colour on the eye, the wine holds a power and complexity within. The flavour packs a punch with layers of fruits, liquorice, spices and tobacco. Much like Bone, this wine will stay with you, not only after each sip, but long after the bottle has been emptied.”

Mythos, Stephen Fry - Domaine de Lauzières Equinoxe 2016

Delicate yet eminently drinkable, this Domaine de Lauzières accompanies Stephen Fry's latest beautifully. If you remember reading of Persephone, Pandora and Prometheus as a child, Mythos: A Retelling of the Myths of Ancient Greece will prove a glorious reimmersion in those favourite tales. If not – what an introduction to some of humanity's most timeless stories, which have been told and re-told for centuries, translated into music, theatre, poetry, dance. As funny and erudite as Mr Fry himself, Mythos retells the legendary love stories, earth-shattering quarrels and epic adventures with affection and elegance.

Pair with: Our sommelier says: “The Equinoxe is a wine that is dearly loved by our subscribers, so it’s only right it to pair this with the work of one of the nation’s favourite ‘personalities’. The wine is fresh and delicate at first, yet surprisingly intense when the flavours come through. Try it with a slice of strawberry cheesecake!”

The Little Library Cookbook, Kate Young – Domaine Bérénas, Insolite Blanc 2015

And now for something a little different. We love books. And we love food. So a cookbook all about the food featured in books? Pure genius! Charming and rather clever, The Little Library Cookbook pays homage to recipes you'll recognise from Paddington Bear's famous marmalade to mint juleps from The Great Gatsby. 100 books (and recipes) feature – including authors as diverse as Elena Ferrante and Enid Blyton. Divided into Before Noon breakfasts and Around Noon lunches to Family Dinners and Midnight Feasts, it's an easily digested read – and one to savour with this deliciously unique, aromatic white.

Pair with: Our sommelier says: "For such a mouthwatering read, only a rich and flavoursome wine will do. Packed with flavours of honey, fruits and minerals, a glass of the Insolite Blanc is the perfect aperitif to any of the recipes you plan to make from this book. Strong cheeses and biscuits will go down well while you’re waiting too!”

A Gentleman in Moscow, Amor Towles - L'Etoile au Désaire 2015

A novel which charms and delights like Amor Towles' A Gentleman in Moscow merits a rather special vintage, and we have just the thing! L'Etoile au Désaire 2015 is a rare, unique white in that it's both elegant and bold – perhaps a little like our Gentleman, Count Alexander Rostov. One part Grand Budapest Hotel, one part War and Peace, A Gentleman in Moscow is a novel befitting a grand wine, with its cast of eccentric, enchanting characters and epic adventures at the glamorous Hotel Metropol

Pair with... Our sommelier says: "Unique, brilliant, bold. The wine has an evolution of flavours, taking you on its own story line. It could only be done justice with an equally as enchanting novel in hand. Hungry? This wine pairs perfectly with a charcuterie board.”

The Party, Elizabeth Day – Champagne MUMM Brut Selection

This summer's literary bestseller, if you haven't already devoured author and journalist Elizabeth Day's The Party in one sitting – now's the time! And, quite frankly, it would be rude to suggest something as humble as a cup of tea to accompany this page-turning thriller. No – MUMM's Brut Selection Champagne is exactly what's required for The Party, which tackles the high jinks of the aristocracy. If you raced through Brideshead Revisited or The Talented Mr Ripley, you'll find The Party just as unputdownable and Day's poised, powerful writing makes this all the more captivating.

Pair with... Our sommelier says: "Fine, delicate bubbles dancing towards the surface of the glass are a reminder of the Champagne’s elegance and finesse before even tasting it. Truly luxurious, each sip is a discovery of flavours. For a champagne so special, accentuate the flavours with a generous slice of brie with truffles.”


If you haven't yet come across Reading in Heels, then check them out here. They are a monthly subscription service who choose 1 fantastic book a month to send to their customers. They are the best way to discover the latest in modern literary fiction, and the book they choose each month is always a guaranteed good read.