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Champagne VS Crémant

You might be aware that Champagne is the name given only to sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France, but what are the other differences between Champagne and France's alternative sparkling wine, Crémant?

By Communication Le Petit Ballon
2018/11/15, 04:29 PM

How well do you really know your bubbles? Champagne has long been revered for its status in the wine world, but don't forget the other sparkling wines that are often just as good, and easier on the wallet!

What are the differences between Champagne and Crémant?


How is it made?Using the Methode Champenoise (also called Traditional Method). First of all, a fermentation is made to create a still wine without any bubbles. Then, a small amount of liqueur de tirage (yeast, sugar and wine) is added to the still wine, before being trapped by a strong bottle cap. The resulting secondary fermentation creates extra alcohol, flavours and the all important bubbles!

Only wines from Champagne are legally allowed to be called as such. The climate here is perfect for sparkling wine production, with cool temperatures and chalky, limestone rich soils. Its global success and fame is the reason so many producers want to name their sparkling wines the same!

What are the advantages? Champagnes must follow strict guidelines in order to be classified as a Champagne, meaning the quality is almost always assured and there is less risk.


How is it made? Traditional method,(the same as the champagne method - except that this appellation is reserved for champagne wines). When we talk about Champagne, it's really a question of territory and a very controlled appellation. Nevertheless, in Crémant, Chardonnay is generally the most used grape variety, combined with local grape varieties, which can change the flavors of these sparkling wines.

Crémant is a fantastic alternative to Champagne. Fresh and fruity, made in the Bordelais, Jura, Loire, Alsace, Burgundy, Die and Limoux.

What are the advantages? The price! Indeed, although the taste is not exactly the same, crémant has a value for money that can prove to be very interesting for small budgets who want to have a bit of fun.

In conclusion, we say yes to Champagne AND Crémant, there is something for all tastes and all occasions!