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Tips For Choosing Wine In The Sale

With many of our favourite bottles now up to 40% off in the sale, the question remains: Which ones to choose? It's a great opportunity to buy a selection of different wines you haven't tried before, but how can know what you'll like? Here are our tips for choosing wine in the sale.

By Christabel Brain
2018/01/17, 10:57 AM

1/ Ask yourself what you want

Do you want to have a few different bottles to open as you like? Or do you want something for a special occasion? Is there a particular dish you want to pair the wine with?

2/ Ask our sommelier

Ever find yourself wishing you had someone to advise you on the best wines to buy? You can ask our sommelier any of your wine questions on twitter with the tag #AskJeanMichel - it's like having your own private sommelier at your finger tips!

3/ Take the quiz

If you're not sure how to explain the types of flavours you like, then the quiz will simplify it for you. You don't need to know anything about wine to answer the questions. Take the quiz

4/ Search for wines by label

After you've taken the quiz, you'll know what label best suits your taste, and you'll be able to search for wines within this label. Similarly, if you've already tried our wines, make sure to note which label they are. If you like a wine of a particular label, chances are you'll like the other wines in that category. Read more about our labels.

5/ Pay attention to the vintagel

The Vintage refers to the year the wine was made, and is an important criterion when we want to be sure of choosing a good wine. The temperature, climate and weather are all changing criteria every year that greatly influence the quality of wine. Some examples of good years: 2015 for red Burgundy, or 2009 for sweet whites from the South West of France.

6/ Shop by Discount

If you're still stuck on what wines to buy, have a look at our most discounted bottles and choose a few from there! All of our bottles have passed a high standard taste test, so you can be assured the quality is always good. Take other factors out of the occasion and shop by discount if you're a bargain hunter! Go to Sale

7/ Get a reccomendation

If all else fails, you can follow our recommendations of our best seller wines. These are wines that have been universally loved by everyone, and have fantastic discounts that are not to be missed!