4 Alternative Wine Cocktails

Mixing wine with another drink might make you momentarily shudder, but hang in there... These cocktail creations are simple and crafted to celebrate the main ingredient; the wine. Give them a go and tell us what you think!

By Christabel Brain
2017/06/15, 04:21 PM

Brandy-Wine Punch

Choose a high quality wine when making a punch, as it really does make a difference!

What you'll need:
1 litre club soda
50 ml port
50 ml Cointreau
2 chilled bottles sparkling wine
300 ml brandy
200 ml fresh lemon juice
Ice cubes
1/2 cup of sugar
Orange and lemon slices, for garnish

How to make it
In a large punch bowl, stir the lemon juice with the sugar until the sugar dissolves. Add the brandy, port, Cointreau, sparkling wine and club soda and stir gently until blended. Add the ice and garnish with the fruit.

Vino Francesa

What you'll need:

80 ml cup honey
80 ml cup boiling water
sage leaves
One bottle of rosé (we recommend the Fanette)
Lemon twists

How to make it
Stir the honey into the boiling water until dissolved. Add sage leaves and mix. Strain the syrup into a pitcher, squeezing the juice out of the leaves. Pour in the rosé at the end. Serve over ice, and garnish with a lemon twist and sage leaf.

Lemon & Thyme

What you'll need:
15 ml brandy
2 1/2 teaspoons Honey Syrup
1 lemon twist and 1 thyme sprig

How to make it
In a mixing glass, combine the Chardonnay, brandy and honey syrup. Fill the glass with ice, stir well and strain into a chilled wineglass. Pinch the lemon twist over the drink and add to the glass. Garnish with the thyme sprig.

Campari Wine Cocktail

What you'll need:
1 Bottle of sweet white wine
600 ml fresh orange juice
200 ml Campari

How to make it
In a large pitcher, mix the white wine with the fresh orange juice and Campari. Refrigerate pitcher for about 2 hours. To serve, pour over ice in tall glasses.


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