Wine Cocktails That Dad Will Love

We've rounded up the best wine-based cocktails that you can treat your dad with this Father's Day. Have him man the barbecue while you whip up one of these, and you're guaranteed to win the best son/daughter award!

By Communication Le Petit Ballon
2017/06/15, 04:00 PM

Brandy-Wine Punch

Choose a high quality wine when making a punch, as it really does make a difference! What you'll need: 1 litre club soda 50 ml port 50 ml Cointreau 2 chilled bottles sparkling wine 300 ml brandy 200 ml fresh lemon juice Ice cubes 1/2 cup of sugar Orange and lemon slices, for garnish How to make it In a large punch bowl, stir the lemon juice with the sugar until the sugar dissolves. Add the brandy, port, Cointreau, sparkling wine and club soda and stir gently until blended. Add the ice and garnish with the fruit.