Throw the perfect Father's Day BBQ with these dishes and wines!

This Father’s Day, let Dad show off his tricks on the grill while sipping on wines that complement that smoky BBQ flavour that we all know and love.

By Kaitlyn ROSS
2018/05/15, 05:15 PM

The food that dad prepares doesn’t have to be the only star of the show - we have wines to suit any type of BBQ dish!

Turkey burger

Looking for a lighter, yet satisfying option? This turkey burger made with fresh garlic and parsley will do the trick, and throwing it on the grill will add flavourful depth.

A few tips to avoid a dry turkey burger:

-Don’t overmix the ground meat; this can make it too tough.

-Create ½ inch thick patties for even cooking.

-Not grilling right away? Put them in the fridge until it’s time to throw them on the BBQ!

-Don’t press down on them while they’re grilling – this will cause them to lose their juices.

-Turn the meat just once. Turning multiple times can result in dryness.

-Start with 9 minutes on each side and ensure it is cooked to 74 degrees Celsius.

-Set patties aside for a few minutes before serving to let juices redistribute.

Pair it with our silky Pinot Noir from Burgundy, with notes of cherry, pepper and smoke - a perfect match for a juicy turkey burger:

Pork ribs

This recipe will teach you how to get the smokiest flavour possible with a charcoal grill. And remember: cook “low and slow” for juicy tenderness. Try pork sausages, too!

Your rack of ribs won't be ready without our peppery and refreshing Rhône blend or our robust Spanish Tempranillo (especially scrumptious with pork sausages):

Fish skewers

Although maybe not the most common cooking method for fish, the BBQ can work wonders. Use any fish you desire, but these salmon and monkfish skewers marinated in honey, lemon, and rosemary are delightful.

This light and flavourful dish craves a fresh and fruity Provençal rosé. This also happens to be our favourite rosé of the summer!:

Grilled veggies

Hearty enough for a main dish and just right for a side dish, the BBQ would not be complete without these grilled summer veggies including eggplant, courgettes, peppers, and onions. (Served hot or cold!)

Or, take advantage of one of the season’s most-loved veggies, white asparagus!

Enjoy the veggies with a Sauvignon Blanc - a fruity and floral one from Bordeaux or an exotic choice from India, which is especially great with white asparagus (and pork, too!):

BBQ prawns

Nothing sounds better than fresh prawns marinated in lemon, parsley, and garlic with a smokey BBQ flavour.

These zesty prawns wouldn't be complete without our fruity and rich rosé from southern France:

Beef brisket or burger

A beef brisket will get you in the true BBQ spirit, or you can keep it simple with a classic burger!

Pair power with power; BBQ beef demands our bold and spicy Rhône blend, or our rich and velvety Malbec, with notes of juicy black cherries:

Which pairing will you pick for Dad's special day? Let us know your favorite BBQ dishes that we didn't mention - we would love to suggest a wine for you! Need a gift for dad? A gift card or a wine subscription would be simply perfect!

Turkey burger tips: