3 misconceptions about women & wine

By Christabel Brain
2018/04/04, 05:48 PM

In our wine lifetime, we've come across many misconceptions that people have about wine. And when it comes to women and wine, these are the 3 that always seem to crop up:

1. Women prefer white

False. It is true that the proportion of women who prefer white is greater than that of men, but overall we've found that women actually tend to prefer a glass of red. Would you agree?

2. Women don't like to 'taste' the wine

False!! Did you know that 20% of sommeliers are women? It may be men who are usually handed the wine list at a restaurant, but this is slowly changing. Furthermore, around 65% of wine purchases are made by women. Time to move away from the masculine stereotype that the wine world has!

3. The world of wine is masculine

Nope!! 1/3 of onenologists are women and more than 30% of winemakers are also female ... And that's without counting the new generation. Today 50% of oenology promotions are made by women.

3 important women in wine making

Pascaline Le Pelletier

She was the first woman to be selected for the contest of the best sommelier in France, and is the example of excellence! She is now a sommelier and co-owner of Rouge Tomate in New York.

Ophelia Neiman

This wine blogger turned journalist for Le Monde slash author of the book Le vin c'est pas sorcier : a bestseller that explains about wine for those who know nothing about it.

Aude Deltin

Aude Deltin was a journalist in Paris when she decided to throw it all in to join the family estate: the Château de Malija . All she knows, she learned in the field by taking an interest and asking questions. But she has managed to offer more pleasure-oriented ranges while maintaining a true quality requirement.

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