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Rosé cocktails to quench your thirst!

It's a warm, sunny day and your only worry is having to choose between a glass of wine and a cocktail. Worry no more- you can have both at once! Here are some of our favorite cocktails featuring our favorite pink drink, rosé!

By Kaitlyn ROSS
2018/05/03, 04:37 PM

Rosé Rosé Josephine

 Ingredients (serves 6!): 

one bottle of a fruity and fresh rosé

45 cl of sparkling water

15 cl of strawberry cream (liqueur)

crushed ice

floral touch: 3 drops of violet extract or syrup


Step 1: In a pitcher, combine rosé, sparkling water, strawberry liqueur, and violet extract or syrup

Step 2: Mix it up in a shaker with some ice, and that's it! Add some mint leaves or flower petals as a garnish, and start sipping!

Try this rosé for this crafty cockatail:


 Ingredients (serves 8!): 

3 bottles of rosé (1 dry, 2 sweet)

15 cl of cognac

4 tablespoons of sugar

4 apricots cut into cubes

2 peaches cut into cubes

1 grapefruit, cut

a few handfuls of strawberries, sliced


Step 1: In a large pitcher, combine the 3 bottles of rosé

Step 2: Add the cognac, 4 tablespoons of sugar, apricots, and peaches.

Step 3: Let it cool in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours. Mix in the sliced strawberries and serve!


 Ingredients (serves 6!): 

1 bottle of rosé

100 grams of powdered sugar

a few handfuls of strawberries, cut

juice of 2 lemons

crushed or cubed ice

100 ml of water


Step 1: Pour the bottle of rosé into a gratin dish and put it in the freezer for around 6 hours (it will not completely freeze due to the alcohol content).

Step 2: Meanwhile, combine the water and sugar in a pot and bring it to a gentle simmer. Stir constantly until the sugar dissolves, which creates a syrup. Add the strawberries before taking it off the heat.

Step 3: Let the strawberries infuse the syrup for 1 hour and a half, then pass it through a strainer.

Step 4: Pour the rosé, strawberry syrup, lemon juice, and a handful of ice into a blender, and blend until you get a smooth purée. Pour the mixture into a carafe and cool it down for an hour in the fridge

Step 5: Pour the mixture back into the blender and blend once more.

Step 6: Serve in glasses of your choice. Add colorful straws and put strawberries on the rim for some extra pizazz!

Try this rosé for frozé:

First recipe: https://www.elle.fr/