Spotlight on Argentina

It may be known as the home of Messi, but Argentina has a lot more to offer!

By Communication Le Petit Ballon
2018/05/18, 03:08 PM

The story

It was at the time of the conquistadors that the first vines were planted in Argentina. It is said that their motivation at the time was to provide religious order with mass wine. It is therefore around the monasteries at the foot of the Argentine Andes, in the region of Mendoza, that the first domains were created. Mendoza is today part of the network of eight world wine capitals. Phylloxera is present in Argentina, but the damage is low on the vine, so the crisis was avoided.

The iconic Malbec

The Malbec grape comes straight from south-west of France where it is better known as 'cot'. It is by far the most used variety and the favourite of the Argentineans who particularly enjoy pairing it with an asado (an Argentinian barbecue).

A new world wine

It is customary to compare the wines of the Old World, ancestral lands of wine, to those of the New World, in other words the "new ones". What differentiates them? The culture of terroir wines vs that of varietal wines. And Argentina clearly favours the second option, because it always chooses the varietal before focusing on the region.

Taste the very best of what Argentina has to offer with this wine