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Spotlight on Domaine Sainte-Beatrice

Home to our exclusive rosé of the summer, Domaine Sainte-Beatrice is located in Lourges, Provence, famous for its rosé production. We couldn't have chosen a better location to make our original blend!

By Christabel Brain
2018/07/25, 03:37 PM

Located in the heart of the Var, Domaine Sainte-Beatrice belongs to Valerie Rousselle, the owner of neighbouring Chateau Roubine. Here she works together with her family to create beautiful, local wines that are truly representative of their terroir.

The chateau is proud to produce ambitious, elegant and aromatic wines. It’s also, remarkably, home to a famous museum, dedicated to viticulture in the region and houses a collection of rare objects related to wine! We visited the beautiful estate and managed to ask a few burning questions..

Can you tell us a little about your estate?

Absolutely. Sainte-Beatrice is a 50 hectare estate located in Lorgues. My family is already invested in wine as we own and run Chateau Roubine, but when the opportunity came to take over this beautiful property as well, we jumped at the chance!

In Sainte-Beatrice, the pace is a little slower and people follow the rhythm of the seasons. We use natural products in the vineyards and our pruning and harvesting is all completed manually. It’s hard to make good wine with so many chemicals in the soil, so why would we use them?

In 1980, the estate was completely remodelled and replanted with noble grape varieties: Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cinsault, Semillon and Rolle (Vermentino). Nearly all the vineyards are south-facing and on natural slopes, so our land couldn’t be better suited to quality good wine if we tried!

What would you say is the perfect dish to pair with Baletti?

Good question! Baletti is a very typical style of rosé from Provence, so either served as part of an aperitif during the summer, or with more exotic, spiced foods. A perfect choice would be alongside Mediterranean fish such as sea bream.

Do you have any family stories to share with us?

The estates coat of arms is also Monaco’s, as the former owners were the famous Novaretti family. When we took over the estate, we didn’t know if we were authorised to continue using this historical emblem so we travelled to Monaco ourselves, and were graciously received by the Prince who allowed us to continue displaying it!

Is drinking rosé a lifestyle choice?

I believe so, because to us, rosé is a wine for sharing and for giving pleasure. We drink it with our friends, when we’re on holiday or if the weather is nice enough on our terrace. We even have a cuvee called "La Vie en Rose"! (“Life in Pink”)