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Tips for avoiding a hangover

Let’s be honest; Christmas time is often a little muddled for us all. Work Christmas parties, dinners with friends, endless drinks at the pub... It's about time we learnt how to get away without a hangover!

By Christabel Brain
2018/12/12, 04:20 PM

Tip # 1: Don’t drink on an empty stomach!

It can be as simple as eating a bag of crisps before getting stuck into your Champagne, or even a simple tea-spoon of olive oil works to line your stomach beforehand.

Tip # 2: Have a banana.

Ditch the junk food and have a banana and honey instead! Rich in potassium, this will help those feelings of fatigue and nausea.

Tip # 3: 1 for 1: Alcohol and water.

For every glass of an alcohol drink, also drink a glass a water. The water helps dilute the alcohol and reduces your thirst in general, making it far more likely you’ll wake up the morning afterwards without the awful headaches!

Tip # 4: Avoid soft drinks.

They tend to dehydrate you and make matters worse! If you want something sparkling and don’t want to drink alcohol, soda water is a refreshing option.

Tip # 5: Splurge a bit extra on your drinks.

Whether you're at a bar, or at home, there's something to be said for not going for the very cheapest alcohol option. Whilst higher price doesn't necessarily mean better quality, higher quality wines and spirits are filtered to remove impurities and toxins, making your hangover that bit more bearable.

Tip # 6: Beware of coffee.

Coffee is commonly miss-represented as being a fantastic hangover cure. Although it can offer a quick fix, caffeine dehydrates your body, which is exactly what you don't want on a hangover! If you do opt for coffee, make sure to drink a lot of water too.

Tip # 7: Toast and crackers.

Carbs can bring your blood sugar levels back up after a heavy night. It's also great for lining your stomach before you drink.

Tip # 8: Drink in moderation.

The best advice anyone can give for avoiding a hangover is... Don't drink too much. Excessive drinking means you won't enjoy the drink as much, so we'd advise having everything in moderation. You'll enjoy it more.

Now that's over with.. the fun part can start, choosing your drink: