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Why Le Petit Ballon Is The Perfect Gift

If you’re wondering what to give your cousin Edward, Auntie Emily, your beloved daddy Ross or little sis’ Kath, we have the ultimate idea gift for you!

By Tiare Leahy, Le Petit Ballon
2016/10/31, 12:22 PM

Photo: Marlene Lee for The Green Eyed Girl

A subscription to Le Petit Ballon is a game changer!

And we've got 5 reasons to prove it!

#1. It's a cool way to help people discover amazing wines
Every month we deliver 2 bottles of wine, straight from the wine-growers. We provide tasting tips and notes in a language that's understandable and fun! Each monthly delivery is an adventure through a theme, trend or region. We take people on a wine discovery, drinking our way around the best wines they'll have tasted!

#2. It helps people understand their tastes
Do you know what you really like when it comes to wines? Not many people do. Beyond a simple preference of white or red, Le Petit Ballon’s expert advice and extensive selection helps people truly understand what type of wine they prefer.

#3. They will receive the best discounts on their favourite wines
If people enjoyed a particular bottle they tasted in their last delivery, Le Petit Ballon’s members can take advantage of special discounts to buy these wines again. Our online shop has a broad selection of different wines, all at discounted prices

#4. All our wines are carefully selected by our master sommelier.
Jean-Michel Deluc is the award winning former master sommelier of the Ritz in Paris, and one of the top Sommeliers in the world. He tastes over 12,000 wines a year, choosing only the very best to go into our subscription box.

#5. Support wine from smaller vineyards and local winemakers
All the wineries we work with are family owned with a long history and passion in oenology. We have the opportunity to personally meet many of these families and we share their unique stories in the Gazette, our monthly magazine.

Gift Cards can be printed out straight away, or emailed to the recipient. You can also add a personalised message!