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Tour the world with our sale bottles

The sale is here to warm you up over these cold winter months! Yes, we love French wine, but we can't help but enjoy selective gems from around the world. Here's your guide to what to buy.

By Communication Le Petit Ballon
2019/01/14, 05:32 PM

America, baby!

From the sunny shores of California, this wine can be aptly described in a very simple 3 letter word: wow. If you're a fan of buttery, delicious, moorish Chardonnay this is for you. If you're not usually a Chardonnay drinker just hang right there for a moment. This is the wine that is likely to sway you. This wine is unoaked, and has been known to change many an anti-Chardonnayer's mind. Give it a go ;)

Pair with...

Crab salad, hot dogs, lobster roll, sushi, chicken wings... All the Californian classics.

Warm up in Chile

Who doesn't dream of a bit of winter sun at this time of year? This is a lovely fruity white wine to quench your thirst and have you reminiscing of summer. With a style similar to Bordeaux, this wine is a great discovery! From the area nestled between the Pacific and the Andes, it really is dreamy...

Pair with...

Cheese empanadas, barbecued chicken, white fish

Breathtaking Argentina

A gorgeous organic wine from a very special terroir in Argentina on the slopes of the Andes mountain. Velvety, spicy, fruity, soft, supple. A wonderful wine to enjoy on it's own or with a variety of foods.

Pair with...

Barbecued meats, lasagna, oven baked camembert

Sunny South Africa

Although we should never judge a wine by it's label, we were lucky enough to collaborate with the making of this wine, and therefore had the freedom to put what we want on the label. Naturally we went for a zebra. Cos why not? The name 'Makena' means 'happiness' in Swahili, and that's exactly what this wine is; bottled happiness. Rich, fresh and round, it's incredibly mooreish.

Pair with...

Grilled or fried fish, pork skewers, goats cheese beignets.

Bella Italia

A unique character from the renowned Vici Coppi in the sunny South of Italy. Soft, fruity and utterly charming, allow this wine to truly win you over with its undeniable Italian charm. All that's missing is the homemade Italian food!

Pair with...

Osso buco, lasagna, meaty pastas, melanzane alla parmigiana, pecorino, parmesan, yep.. All the delicious Italian foods