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Truffle Anecdotes!

Oh, the truffle! That distinctive taste that can transform almost any dish into a culinary delight. There are many myths that surround this legendary mushroom, but these anecdotes are tales of truth, believe it or not!

By Christabel Brain
2017/11/07, 02:36 PM

Did you know..


In the nineteenth century, truffles were in such abundance that they were eaten like other vegetables


1 kg of black truffle from Périgord is worth about €1000. Think that’s expensive? Compared to the €2500 euros for the white truffle of Italy, it’s almost a bargain!


The smell of ripe truffles is quite close to that emitted by a female pig on heat. You can see why, in olden days, a pig would be eager to go on the hunt...


In order for truffles to reproduce, they must be dug up! The spores that generate new seeds are only released when they’re unearthed; a perfect circle of life.

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