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Which wine goes with your wedding?

Wedding season is upon us! As weddings are commonly associated toasts and fancy dinners, we've paired common wedding themes with Le Petit Ballon wines that best represent their spirits. Whether you're a bride planning your dream wedding or a guest toasting the happy couple, these wines are sure to please!

By Kaitlyn ROSS
2018/04/20, 03:03 PM

Say 'I do' to these whimsical wine and wedding pairings.


It doesn’t seem like there is a better way to get married than being barefoot on the grass, surrounded by strands of light and pastel-colored flowers: a fresh take on weddings, which can seem stressful and too formal at times. This free-spirited wedding style aligns perfectly with our out-of-the-ordinary Croatian white wine, a fresh and citrusy gem whose grapes were grown alongside the sea. Fragrant notes of lemon, peaches, flowers and honey on the nose are followed by a rich and refreshing palate.

Traditional & Elegant

There is nothing wrong with sticking to the tasteful classics: a satin white wedding dress for bride, a sharp tuxedo for the groom, and a ceremony in an exquisite church. There is nothing better to pair this wedding with than a silky Burgundy pinot noir, which will prove there is nothing conventional about this wedding style. Notes of blackberries and cherries along with light spices appear on the nose, and on the palate, it is velvety and delightful.


Rustic weddings: think the countryside, wooden tables and barns, eclectic floral arrangements, a cake topped with greenery and petals. This style calls for a wine that is a little more powerful, and even slightly off-the-beaten-path. This red blend, which comes from the sunny and herb-scented southern Rhône, gives off smoky and savory notes, and exhibits power and richness. A wedding with character needs a wine with character, and this one is just right. To take the rustic motif even further, serve the wine in a mason jar!


Getting married is an excuse to have an amazing wedding, but can’t it also justify planning a getaway to do so? Of course, destination weddings can take place anywhere, but this wine come from picturesque Provence, a spot we’d be happy to tie the knot in. The vines are planted along the Mediterranean Sea between Saint Tropez and Toulon, and the vineyard is farmed organically. On the nose, you’ll find black fruits, chocolate, leather, and hints of spice. On the palate, it is full-bodied and aromatically expressive of the Provencal terroir. This wine is bold, yet bursts with the freshness of the Mediterranean. Sip on this alongside a sunset dinner- red wine is wonderful in warm weather, as well!

...And don't forget the bubbly!

Contrary to popular belief, Champagne isn’t only meant for toasts and celebrations. Depending on the style you choose, this bubbly beverage can pair with a range of gastronomic meals. While crisp Champagne with lively bubbles is fitting for toasts, Champagnes on the rich and creamy side can be the perfect accompaniment to dishes. Our sommelier suggests pairing the gastronomic Champagne below with white truffle risotto!

Now that wine and wedding are one, it's time for some logistics: how much wine do you buy!?

Of course, the quantity of wine you purchase depends on the amount of guests you invite, but it is impossible to predict the exact amount needed. In any case, it is better to have excess than run out!

One rule of thumb is 1 bottle of wine contains 5 glasses. So, let's say you invite 200 guests and you estimate they will each consume 2 glasses of wine, which means you will need 400 glasses total. You will need 80 bottles of wine (80 bottles x 5 glasses= 400 glasses total).

It is important to note that in general, guests do tend to drink more red wine than white, so adjust accordingly! For example, if you need 80 bottles of wine and you think most of your guests will prefer red, you may consider purchasing 50 bottles of red and 30 bottles of white.

With Champagne, it's a slightly different story. Glasses do not need to be completely full during toasts, so 1 bottle of Champagne for every 8 guests is sufficient if you don't plan on serving it again later in the evening. A garnish such as a strand of lavender or a strawberry makes the Champagne glass even more alluring.

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Wine may seem like a mere component of a wedding, but it's more than that! The wine you celebrate with should be memorable. It's not about serving the fanciest bottles; it's about choosing something that reflects the essence of the occasion and enjoying something real with people you love.