What Dad really wants this Father's Day

Dad doesn't have a wish list again this year? We thought so, and we're here to help. With our list of unconventional gifts—goodbye socks, ties and toolboxes!—Dad is sure to feel like he is the star of the show. Here are our top picks for Father's Day 2018!

By Kaitlyn ROSS
2018/05/30, 02:07 PM

Solid cologne

Everyone wants to smell good. If Dad is slightly hesitant about spritzing himself with a flashy scent, this solid wax cologne is perfect for him (and enjoyable for those around him, thanks to the freshness!). It’s completely natural and super moisturizing; not to mention, he can easily apply it on-the-go, and he won’t have to worry about liquids while air traveling. Help Dad maintain his manliness while smelling fresh and feeling soft!

Wireless Meat Thermometer

For all those grill-master Dads out there! Now you can pull Dad away from the barbie during a BBQ. All he has to do is use Bluetooth to connect the wireless thermometer to his smartphone and stick the thermometer in the meat! It guides him through the cooking process and produces meat cooked to perfection -- all while he enjoys the party. Complete the gift with wines he can pair with delicious BBQ dishes!

Eleven James Luxury Watch Club

Like Frontrow for men! With this luxurious membership, Dad can wear a new high-end watch every 3 months. The generous and eclectic collection gives him lots of timepieces to choose from so he can choose, wear, repeat or keep! However, we must warn you: Dad may exude his confidence a little too much with these timely treasures.

Supercar Driving Blast

Do you have a daredevil Dad? Allow him to put the pedal to the metal with an exhilarating experience, during which he may choose three supercars to drive—Ferrari, Aston Martin and Porsche are among the selection—at his selected location. To wrap up the day, Dad becomes a passenger in an ultra-high-speed ride with a qualified instructor. This is a gift for the fearless.

At-home Barbershop Experience

Ahhhh…a spa day for Dad! Because at-home grooming never quite feels as nice as the barber, Mankind has come up with the necessary equipment and three steps to give Dad a relaxing experience in the comfort of his own home. Shaving will no longer feel like chore.

‘Appetites: A Cookbook’ by Anthony Bourdain

Per Bourdain: “Brash, wild, original, and badass.” A culmination of recipes from his travels and years of experience, Dad is sure to find a recipe for every occasion within the fold of this not-so-normal cookbook. From how to cook the most heavenly scrambled eggs to sausage and pepper hero sandwiches, these recipes are sure to intrigue every member of the family (making this one a gift for everyone!).

Wines Delivered to his Door

All of the above gifts are wonderful, but there is something extra special and personal about a monthly subscription to Le Petit Ballon. LPB doesn't just send wine - they send a bundle of discovery each month! The mini wine-focused magazine, tasting notes and recipe pairings for each wine make it an experience that the whole family can appreciate and learn from together. While you're here, check out the Fathers's Day gift cards and give Dad the gift that keeps on giving.