What goes with rosé?

Fruity, acidulous, full-bodied ... there is something for every taste and every occasion when it comes to rosé! A favourite for the Summer season, for picnics, aperitifs and well, just about any occasion! But what are the best foods to pair with it?

By Christabel Brain
2017/07/20, 11:05 AM

The laid-back rosé

Aperitif on the terrace

For a toast around the pool, fresh and young wines go best, along with Mediterranean flavors! We're talking tapenade, anchovy paste and hummus for an aperitif, or charcuterie (sausage, potted meat), light cheeses and grilled italian vegetables for something a bit more filling.


Was there ever a more suited wine for a picnic than rosé? it goes perfectly with your typical picnic food; pies, sausage rolls and salads. We could go on... Quiche Lorraine, scotch eggs, cornish pasties, Nicoise salad ... There's alot to play with!

The more elegant side of rosé

Sunday lunch with the family

A complicated bunch. You need to impress both grandparents and children alike with your food choices. That's why rosé is a great option when it comes to the wine, it's so versatile! We'd opt for fresh pasta with a summery sauce, cannelloni, stuffed tomatoes or a goats cheese salad to keep it light and fresh.

A dinner party

Be bold and opt for pink wine - you won't regret it! It's always nice to offer an element of surpise at a dinner party, and a really great tasting rosé is just that - it's a pleasant surprise for your guests. Pair with most meats: white, or red meats grilled with herbs. Fish is also a good accompaniment. Why not try some chicken skewers or grilled salmon. If you're feeling adventurous, go for a seafood paella!

Room for desert?

There's always room.

We all know that desert is stored in a separate part of the stomach than other foods - that's scientifically proven, right?.... Well, in any case: add a cheese course because it really does pair beautifully with rosé, Then for later, pair it with anything fruity: crumbles, strawberry tarts, or fruit upside down cakes.