What to drink with desserts?

When we think of Christmas Dinner, we often think of turkey, foie gras, roasted vegetables and other little savoury delights, but let us not forget that very important ending; dessert!

By Christabel Brain
2018/12/04, 03:35 PM

Pairing sweet foods with wine requires a little sugar, so out come the dessert wines, whether it’s to pair with some cheese, christmas pudding or something entirely more creative. Let’s take a look through the options!

Mmmm Chocolate!

Chocolate is a tough match for many wines as it has such a strong and powerful character. There are some no-go's that you should never consider (unless you're feeling very adventurous indeed): chocolate with rosé, or chocolate with a dry white wine. We recommend instead to try chocolate with Banyuls, a Maury or a Porto.

Fruit salad

The classic favourite of all healthy desserts; the seasonal fruit salad. The perfect wines to accompany it are Sauternes, Muscat, Kirsch, White Rum and Maraschino


Red fruits go very well with sweet and young red wines. So if you're pairing berries, look for fruity red wines without tannins, like Rasteau and Amarone


Apples are a key part of all our favourite desserts; apple pie, apple crumble... But what wines are the best to pair with them? Try a Crémant de Limoux, Pacherenc or you can also pair apples perfectly with a sweet cider.

Creme brulee and soufflés

Add a little French to your Christmas with these desserts, and pair them with sweet white wines, Madeira, Malvoisie, Marsala and Grand Marnier

Can we really have Champagne for dessert?

Historically, Champagne was commonly drank with dessert and sugar levels were often up to 50g/l in a typical bottle, making it the perfect match for lots of sweet dishes!

However, modern preferences and styles lean towards drier styles of Champagne, and so most bottles these days are much harder to pair with sweeter foods. However, taste is a very personal thing so do try it out, but we recommend searching for the increasingly rare demi-sec Champagne styles if you want some bubbles with your dessert!