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Why wine is better than beer

Nothing against a nice pint of the golden stuff, but if they're going head to head, we'll take wine any day.

By Christabel Brain
2018/04/05, 12:10 PM

1. Wine won't have you spending the whole night racing to the bathroom

We've all had that horrible moment when, after drinking 3 pints of beer, you spend more time in the bathroom than enjoying the evening with your friends. With wine, you will not have this problem!

2. Wine is chic

Wine is a refined and luxurious product, while beer is... lesser so. The Rothschild VS The Tuches: choose the right side of the Force!

3. That French je ne sais quoi

You know it makes you feel that but classier swilling your wine glass in hand. Add a beret and you're basically French.

4. Wine has less calories than wine

That's technically not true, we lie. In equal quantities, wine is more calorific than beer. However, it's quite unusual to drinks wine in pint sized glasses! A glass of 12cl wine contains fewer calories than a half pint of beer.

5. We've got Brad Pitt on our side

Brad Pitt owns the Merival estate, which produces wine. Not beer. wine. Got that?

6. Wine is a party pleaser

Turning up to a party with a bottle of wine is a great ice breaker, and is much more sociable when you can share a bottle with your friends. Sharing a can of beer doesn't have quite the same effect.

7. Cheese

Here's a picture of some cheese. Wine goes with cheese. boom.