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Why a Wine Subscription is the perfect Christmas gift

Time to get your special someone something a bit different this year! A gift that will keep them happy for many months to come... A wine subscription!

By Christabel Brain
2018/11/07, 04:06 PM

Why Le Petit Ballon? we hear you ask.

#1 It’s not just any old wine

All of our wines are handpicked straight from the vineyard by one of the top Sommeliers in the world, Jean-Michel Deluc. Selected from prestigious appelations aswell as lesser known family-run vineyards, every wine goes through a rigorous tasting process.  These are wines you won't find in a supermarket. Each wine also comes with tasting notes, to help get the most out of the wines.

#2 The surprise factor

Every month is a different theme, so opening up the box each month to discover the theme is a gift in itself! Our selection is carefully curated to keep them on their toes! This is what Organic month looked like:

#3 Discounts

They'll get AT LEAST 20% discount off any additional bottles they want to buy in the online shop. So, if they've tasted a wine they like in the subscription, it's very easy to get these wines again!

#4 It’s basically no effort for you

Sending a gift card is really, really easy. Just select how long you want the subscription to be (3,6 or 12 months), customize it with a personal note and send it to the lucky recipient by email or print it out and put it under the Christmas tree.

#5 Support a small business

We're a small, friendly team who work at Le Petit Ballon. Sometimes it's hard to image what's behind a website: we might all be robots, wired up to our computers 24 hours a day, but we promise we're human. Humans who like really great wine. Say hi to us if you want, we've got all the social media channels (maybe we are robots after all...)


All you need to do is decide how many months of wine subscription they deserve!