Wine & pasta delivered straight to your door

Homemade Italian pasta and authentic wines delivered straight to your doorstep? Get ready for a blissful experience.

By Kaitlyn ROSS
2018/05/22, 12:07 PM

Ciao, Pasta Evangelists

We all know the feeling. Coming home after a long day’s work, only to realize there’s nothing for dinner but a measly packet of pasta along with questionable ingredients in your pantry and fridge. Don’t get me wrong – “kitchen sink” pasta can be delicious, but there’s a chance it can leave you longing for more.

If only there were homemade pasta, sauces, and garnishes sent straight from Italy waiting for you at your doorstep…could life be so simple? Yes, yes it can. Just say grazie to Pasta Evangelists, the UK’s top-rated pasta club.

If you think it’s possible to get fed up with a plethora of pasta dishes, think again. With Pasta Evangelists, there are three different types of subscriptions you may sign up for: vegetarian dishes only, a mix of meat, seafood, and veggie dishes, and premium gourmet dishes for those pasta aficionados. The delivery date and frequency are completely up to you, and you may pause, skip, or cancel at any time. Bellissimo!

The only thing that’s missing from this delizioso deal? Il vino. You can’t slurp pasta without sipping on wine, and our Master Sommelier has a beautiful pairing for each of the dishes for next week's menu, which begins Monday the 28th. Buon appetito e salute!

And, for £10 off your Pasta Evangelists order, use the code "VINOEPASTA"!

Handmade Paccheri with Basil Pesto & Toasted Pine Nuts

If you have ever sipped on a Sauvignon Blanc, perhaps you are familiar with its delectable crispness and vivacity. It’s also widely known and loved for its herbaceous flavours, which are a perfect complement to the green flavours of the basil pesto sauce in this beautiful dish. Taking a sip of our fresh and citrusy Sauvignon Blanc will cleanse the palate of the rich garlic and tangy parmesan, preparing you for your next bite. The dish and the wine need each other; don’t deprive them of that.

Tagliatelle with Beef Shin Ragù

These long, ribbon-like noodles smothered in hearty beef ragù crave something juicy, and our South African red blend is the perfect match. The structure of the Cabernet Sauvignon balances out the heartiness of the ragù and the slight hint of spice from the Syrah adds even more dimension to the dish. However, the Pinotage grape, which is native to South Africa, gives this wine its true character. The wine is round and mouth-filling with fresh flavours of cherries and berries - the perfect beverage for this authentic Italian beef ragù.

Squid Ink & Crab Tortelloni with Samphire and Chive Butter

These squid-ink infused tortelloni have been generously filled with some of the freshest crab in Italy, along with light, yet creamy mascarpone cheese - we can’t think of a more delectable combo for these bite-sized beauties. With freshness from the Sauvignon Blanc and creaminess from the Sémillon, our white Bordeaux blend is this rich pasta’s ultimate companion. Bordeaux also has a maritime influence from the Atlantic ocean, which is perfect for the taste of the fresh sea you will discover from the crab, the squid ink, and the samphire butter in the dish (“asparagus of the sea”).

Tortelloni Quattro Formaggio with Breadcrumbs and Sage Butter

A pasta dish based solely in an array of cheeses—oozing mozzarella, flavoursome Gorgonzola, tangy Parmigiano, and creamy Stracchino— all bundled up into one bite. What more can we say (besides the fact that we have a pairing you’ll adore)? Because different cheeses pair well with different wines, we decided to meet this dish in the middle with our summer rosé. There are delicious notes of rose, raspberry, and strawberry; it is fresh and crisp on the palate, which is exactly what the gooey cheeses and creamy sage butter need for a perfect balance.

Sicilian Aubergine & Red Pesto Lasagne

The red pesto—the heart of this lasagne—is made from tomatoes that have baked under the Sicilian sun, creating the perfect sundried tomatoes with umami flavours. And let’s not forget the aubergines, which also hail from the island of Sicily. This dish so obviously demands a sunny Mediterranean red; the grapes from our chosen bottle are grown on an island bathed in sun, wind, and sea spray, which makes this wine ripe, fresh, and full of finesse. It has just the right amount of power as to not be overshadowed by the flavourful lasagne topped with tangy Parmigiano cheese, so this really is the perfect marriage.

Marbled Beef Mezzelune with Basil Butter

Bite into this crescent-shaped pasta, and your taste buds will explode from the slowly and gently-cooked marbled beef. This juicy and tender dish longs for an equally satisfying and rich Chardonnay blend from the South of France. On the nose, you'll discover aromatic notes of white flowers and fresh stone fruits; the palate is just as pleasing with notes of honey and a creamy texture. Succumb yourself to this heavenly combo - you won't regret it.

We's hard to decide which to try. Why not indulge in them all? Or, check out our e-shop if you have another wine in mind for these delectable dishes!