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Champagne CL de la Chapelle

Champagne CL de La Chapelle - Audace

AOP Champagne

  • Crisp Learn more
    Sparkling wines
    Delicious with Meat Fish
    Ideal for Aperitif
  • The perfect matchQuenelle of pike with Champagne sauce
  • The perfect occasion Boozy Brunch
You can't go wrong with a classic champagne!
Jean-Michel Deluc Head Sommelier of Le Petit Ballon
  • The estate

    Champagne CL de la Chapelle

    In 1948, after the devastation of the Second World War, the priority was very much on rebuilding lost land, properties and livelihoods. In the village of Ville-Dommange, 5 vignerons and their families joined forces to help rebuild their business together, which now sits on Premier Cru vineyards. Remarkably, today the descendants of those 5 families still work together to create their exceptional wine, which we're delighted to be able to share with you. A Champagne fit for these vignerons is a Champagne we're more than happy to drink ourselves!

  • Jean-Michel Deluc says

    5 vignerons have joined forces to create this classic Champagne, produced from the 3 most famous varieties within the region. Pinot Noir brings structure and power, Chardonnay elegance and finesse and to round it off, a soft, fruity touch from Pinot Meunier. The result is a hit! A beautiful Champagne fit for any dinner table this holiday season!

  • Wine family

    Sparkling wines
    Delicious with Meat Fish
    Ideal for Aperitif

    Bubbles for a toast.

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  • Wine and food Pairing

    • Meat : White meats with cream sauces
    • Fish : Shellfish, Oysters, Scallops, Dover Sole
    • Cheese : Fresh Langres, Goats Cheese
    • Vegetables : Vegetable gratin
  • Details

    • Origin : Champagne Appellation : AOP Champagne
    • Keeping potential : 2018
      Keeping : 2021
      Ready to drink
    • Grapes : Chardonnay, pinot noir, pinot meunier.
    • Culture : Conventional
    • Service : 8/10°
    • Decanting : No
    • Alcohol : 12%
    • Cont. : 750 mL
    • Sulfite : Yes
  • Tasting

    • Ideal for : Aperitif, Family lunch, Brunch
    • Eye : The wine has a lovely golden colour with fine, delicate bubbles forming a delicate mousse.
    • Nose : A complex Champagne on the nose, with a combination of bright citrus fruits, apricot, pear and a touch of sweet brioche and toast.
    • Mouth : On the palate this is a fresh, creamy Champagne that's both thirst-quenching and complex. In addition to the flavours found on the nose, there's a sweet floral sensation that lasts well into the finish.
    • Summary
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