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Domaine de l'Aiguelière

Velours 2013

AOP Montpeyroux

  • Radiant Reds Learn more
    Red wines
      Radiant reds
    Delicious with Meat Cheese
    Ideal for Family lunch
  • The perfect matchCaramel glazed pork chops
  • The perfect occasion Special Occasions
Montpeyroux; an idyllic terroir for wine!
Jean-Michel Deluc Head Sommelier of Le Petit Ballon
  • The estate

    Domaine de l'Aiguelière

    L'Aiguelière is located at the foot of the foothills of the Larzac, benefiting from the fresh breezes and cooler climate that allows for minimal intervention viticulture. The estate is managed by a family of scientific background, which has benefited the wine immensely. 9 years of research has optimised the blending of the wines, balanced the vineyards and established the differences in soil over their 19 hectares of land.

  • Jean-Michel Deluc says

    In Montpeyroux, Domaine L'Aiguelière highlights an ancient Roman discovery; an idyllic place, not only to rest on the way to Gaul but also to cultivate vines on exceptional soil. A fresh and windy climate helps bring freshness and elegance to the wines, without losing any of the intensity or depth. Velours 2013 is a great example, a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre. Extraordinarily complex and refreshing at the same time. A must-try wine!

  • Wine family

    Radiant Reds
    Red wines
      Radiant reds
    Delicious with Meat Cheese
    Ideal for Family lunch

    Reds whose roundness speaks for itself.

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  • Wine and food Pairing

    • Meat : Roasted red meats, duck breast with porcini mushrooms.
    • Cheese : Pélardons affinés, Livarot, Boursault.
  • Details

    • Origin : Languedoc Appellation : AOP Montpeyroux
    • Keeping potential : 2022
      Keeping : 2028
      Ready to drink
    • Grapes : Syrah, grenache, mourvèdre
    • Culture : Conventional
    • Service : 17°
    • Decanting : 1h
    • Alcohol : 14%
    • Cont. : 750 mL
    • Sulfite : Yes
  • Tasting

    • Ideal for : Family lunch, Dinner
    • Eye : The wine has a beautiful ruby colour with violet reflections that suggest youth. It has a velvety appearance that gives an indication to the excellent quality of the wine
    • Nose : Very nice aromatic complexity on the nose, with notes of red and black fruits, spices, chocolate, vanilla and cigar smoke
    • Mouth : The wine, like the appearance, is velvety, silky and finely structured. Fruits, spices, wood smoke and soft tannins are in perfect harmony, finishing with a hint of fresh licorice.
    • Summary
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