Sula Vineyards

Sauvignon 2016

Nashik (India)

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    Delicious with Meat Fish Cheese
    Ideal for Aperitif
  • The perfect matchCod cooked with butter and white asparagus
  • The perfect occasion Barbecue
An exotic wine to surprise your friends!
Jean-Michel Deluc Head Sommelier of Le Petit Ballon
  • The estate

    Sula Vineyards

    In 1993, Rajeev Samant resigned from his engineering job in Silicon Valley to pursue his dream of owning a vineyard in India. Some claimed it was a crazy project but Rajeev persisted and bought land in the Nasik region of India, which we now know today as the best wine-producing land available there. Today, Sula is *the* reference in Indian wine and the evidence is there for you to see and taste in the glass! Aside from producing top quality wine, the estate also organises music festivals, underwater restoration projects and even invests funds into the schools of local neighbourhoods; sign me up! 

  • Jean-Michel Deluc says

    Here's a wine that truly helped put the Indian wine scene on the map, and also the first Indian Sauvignon Blanc to have ever been made. Like many people trying the wine for the first time I didn't know what to expect but it really took me by surprise; fresh, well made and with lots of character. The grapes come from the best wine producing region in India, Nasik, which at 600m above sea level helps explain some of the freshness here. Ideal for an aperitif or to suprise your guests with, so take a sip and you'll discover that wine really can be made all over the world!

  • Wine family

    Welcome Whites
    White wines
      Welcome whites
    Delicious with Meat Fish Cheese
    Ideal for Aperitif

    Whites for a delicate start.

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  • Wine and food Pairing

    • Meat : Grilled pork, veal medallions, charcuterie, beef carpaccio
    • Fish : Grilled fish and seafood, oysters, monkfish curry
    • Cheese : Goats cheese, soft cheese with herbs
    • Vegetables : White asparagus
  • Details

    • Origin : World Appellation : Nashik (India)
    • Keeping potential : 2018
      Keeping : 2020
      Ready to drink
    • Grapes : Sauvignon blanc.
    • Culture : Reasoned
    • Service : 8-10°
    • Decanting : No
    • Alcohol : 13%
    • Cont. : 750 mL
    • Sulfite : Yes
  • Tasting

    • Ideal for : Aperitif, Brunch, Barbecue, A Party
    • Eye : The wine has a pale golden colour, punctuated with flashes of brilliant green suggesting youth and freshness
    • Nose : The nose is a stunning medley of citrus fruits, exotic fruits, white flowers, lemon balm and lemongrass
    • Mouth : Light, airy and very elegant, this wine manages to be refreshing and packed with flavour at the same time
    • Summary
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