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AOP Vayots Dzor

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    Red wines
      Ready Reds
    Delicious with Meat Cheese
    Ideal for Aperitif
  • The perfect matchBasque style chicken
  • The perfect occasion Dinner with friends
A rare pleasure and one of the oldest grape varieties in the world!
Jean-Michel Deluc Head Sommelier of Le Petit Ballon
  • The estate

    Zorah Wines

    Zorah Winery balances the use of 6,000 year old traditions against modern technology and innovations to make something that is elegant, fresh, and supple - and most importantly, like nothing you've ever had before.
    What can you expect from the Karasi? The pleasure of tasting the exotic and exciting personality of an ancient grape most have never heard of! New to you perhaps, but not to them! Areni Noir is a grape varietal that has been enjoyed in Armenia for centuries. 

  • Jean-Michel Deluc says

    6000 years of Armenian vineyard history

    The Areni, is one of the oldest grape varieties in the world. It is an ancient varietal that was never grafted and with no other intervention in the vineyard. The vineyard itself is at an altitude of 1,400 meters and never touched by phylloxera, and the wine was matured in unique clay pots called karas, hence its name. Here, everything has been done to offer you an exceptional wine. You will appreciate the complexity of aromas and flavors in the mouth - all orginal and unique to experience. With this cuvée you will plunge back into 6000 years of Armenian vineyard history.

  • Wine family

    Ready Reds
    Red wines
      Ready Reds
    Delicious with Meat Cheese
    Ideal for Aperitif

    Reds that adapt to any situation.

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  • Wine and food Pairing

    • Meat : Grilled or roasted red meat, roasted poultry, mustard pork loin, wild rabbit, basque style chicken, pheasant with cabbage
    • Cheese : Cantal, Salers, Saint-Nectaire.
  • Details

    • Origin : World Appellation : AOP Vayots Dzor
    • Keeping potential : 2018
      Keeping : 2024
      Ready to drink
    • Grapes : Areni noir
    • Culture : Conventional
    • Service : 17°
    • Decanting : 1h
    • Alcohol : 13,5%
    • Cont. : 750 mL
    • Sulfite : Yes
  • Tasting

    • Ideal for : Family lunch, Dinner, Barbecue, At the Fireside
    • Eye : The color is a ruby of beautiful intensity with a brilliant shine that conveys a sense of freshness and liveliness.
    • Nose : On the nose we have aromas of cherries that play with scents of tobacco and smoke, providing a sense of intriguing finesse.
    • Mouth : Suave yet spicy in the beginning, the wine then provides a palette of very ripe fruit on a chocolaty backbone.
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