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Le Petit Ballon UK will be closing as of 28th February 2019

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Le Petit Ballon is about great wine
that’s easy to understand and simple to talk about.

Wine isn’t rocket science:

It’s a beautiful journey of discovery

Master sommelier Jean-Michel Deluc explores the world’s leading wine regions to find the best estates, domains and chateaux from which the Le Petit Ballon wine is selected.

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Wine isn’t stuffy and boring:

It’s innovative

The Le Petit Ballon wine club is a fun way to discover new wines from the comfort of your home.

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Wine isn’t technical:

It’s about passion

All year long, we work with an array of skilled winemakers who share with us their creativity, their passion for vines and terroir, and their (sometimes crazy) ideas.

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"I always drink the same wines"

Every month you’ll receive a surprise at your doorstep. 2 bottles of wine you won’t find at the supermarket.

“I don’t know how to describe the wines I love”

Your Le Petit Ballon “Wine profile” understands your flavour preferences and helps you find wines you’ll love.

"I often drink bad wine"

Every bottle of Le Petit Ballon wine is selected by Jean-Michel Deluc, former Master Sommelier of the Ritz in Paris. He tastes more than 60 bottles a week to find the perfect gems to send you!

"Buying wine in the supermarket is a nightmare"

Your “Wine Profile” has you covered for this too! Based on your taste preferences and budget, it will recommend great wines that you can ask for in your local supermarket.

"I don’t know what to say when I drink a wine"

The monthly gazette, tasting notes and videos will teach you all you need to know about your wine. Including the best way to serve it, and the story behind how it was made. Great for impressing at dinner parties!

"I love wine...But don’t understand much about it"

Le Petit Ballon is a club made for the hedonist wine lover; those who appreciate wine but don’t necessarily know how to talk about it. Complexities are thrown out the window.

Sommelier Wines Straight To Your Door From £24.90. Two bottles handpicked by our sommelier.

It all started in 2011…

Discover the le Petit Ballon story

Founded in 2011 by three very different men, bound by the same dreams to shake up the world of wine, a deep love of good food, and an insatiable entrepreneurial spirit.

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