Did you receive a giftcard? Lucky you, here is what awaits you...

  • Two bottles of great wine delivered to your home
  • A personalised selection based on your tastes
  • Tasting selection and advice for an easier understanding of wine
  • Special discounts on the wines you love
  • Jean-Michel Deluc

    Each and every one of our wines are selected and approved by one of the very best sommeliers in the world: the great Jean-Michel Deluc (former head sommelier at The Ritz).

  • Personalised selection

    Receive and discover wines you love by taking the quiz and rating the bottles you taste. In your monthly box you will find one carfeully selected bottle of wine based on your preferences and a second which may pleasantly surprise you.

  • Tasting advice and tips

    Wine and food pairings, appearance, nose, palate - all of these terms will soon become clear! You will learn everything about you need to know about wine through our tasting notes and the Gazette.

  • Le Petit Ballon's family

    When you join Le Petit Ballon, you become part of a big, wine-loving family.