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Le Petit Ballon UK will be closing as of 28th February 2019

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Jean-Michel Deluc
The Master Sommelier Behind Le Petit Ballon

He is THE Le Petit Ballon expert! Every single bottle has been selected and approved by him.

It was in England where this Frenchman, originally from Gers, discovered wine by studying for five years to become a Sommelier. This unique training gave him a global perspective on wine that could sometimes be missing in traditional French sommeliers. For more than ten years he worked in established restaurants such as the London Cafe Royal.
Soon he was recognised internationally: a Master Sommelier in 1990, and the Head Sommelier at The Ritz Paris in 1994. Jean-Michel Deluc is a ruthless taster. Very involved in his work, from 2003 to 2006 he presided over the Paris-Île-de-France Sommeliers’ Association. He was recognised as one of the best tasters in the world after participating in Starwine in the US, a wine competition that brings together the top 60 tasters in the world.

“Wine is above all a question of pleasure and sharing magic moments. We want to drink the right thing in the right place with the right people! At Le Petit Ballon, my aim is to bring consumers and winemakers as close to one another as possible. Therefore, every month I present the results of my impartial tastings to our consumers. Le Petit Ballon is the challenge I was looking for to share my passion for wine with customers, be they beginners or keen connoisseurs.” 

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It's like having a sommelier at home! Jean-Michel is YOUR personal sommelier & will answer all of your questions on Twitter whether you're planning a dinner party or just want the right red for your cheese & crackers!