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We’re here to help you select wines you’ll love!

We know it can be hard to choose new wine to buy online without trying it first. What are the characteristics that makes you love a wine? Is it lightweight? Fruity? Buttery? You might think you have to be a fully fledged sommelier to be able to select a wine purely from looking at the bottle. Not anymore. We’ve created our own labelling system that classifies wine by taste. If you like a wine from a particular label, it’s highly likely that other wines within this label are also for you!

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What is a label?

It’s the name we use at Le Petit Ballon to group wines together with common taste characteristics. This innovative classification of wines helps you choose wines solely on their taste, and the foods that pair well with them.

The labels have been expertly created by our Master Sommelier, Jean-Michel Deluc, and will help you when selecting wines to buy!

The Le Petit Ballon labels

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  • Red wines
  • Whites wines
  • Rosés
  • Sparkling
  • Sweet wines

Le Vif

Des blancs légers pour commencer.

  • Force

  • Goûts

    #Fruité #Sec
  • Au restaurant dites

    "J'aime les blancs légers et vifs."

  • Régions emblématiques

    Vallée de la Loire Bordeaux Alsace
  • Vins les plus connus

    AOP Quincy AOP Muscat de Lemmos AOP Savoie AOP Bordeaux Blanc
  • Au supermarché

    "Nous vous conseillons de vous diriger vers ces appellations : Bordeaux (4/6€) Loire (6/8€) Alsace (8/12€)"

Take the quiz and see which labels match your tastes (no wine knowledge necessary!)