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Our mission at Le Petit Ballon is to help you choose your wines. We all enjoy wine but it's difficult to truly understand our tastes. So we had the idea to create the Le Petit Ballon labels, to help you choose the wines you like, not by by region or appellation, but by their taste. Much easier right? So discover your label and start enjoying wines you love!

Red wines
Sweet wines
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Relaxed reds

Light reds to simply enjoy or have as a treat.

At the restaurant or in your wine merchant said: “I love light and fruity reds. ”
At the supermarket: “We recommend these appellations: Beaujolais (£4/£6) Loire (£6/£8)”
On our website: “Find the perfect wine match at Le Petit Ballon! Here every wine has its label. You can easily find the wines you love, either in the bottleshop where you can filter the wines according to wine families o or in "My profile" where we recommend a bespoke wine selection tailored to your tastes.”
Flavours Dry Fruity
Popular wines AOP Beaujolais AOP Alsace "Pinot noir" AOP Mâcon Péronne AOP Cheverny
Famous regions Vallée de la Loire Beaujolais Burgundy