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Domaine Las Ninas

Las Niñas - Mapuche 2015

Vallée de Colchagua (Chili)

  • Ready Reds Learn more
    Red wines
      Ready Reds
    Delicious with Meat Cheese
    Ideal for Aperitif
  • The perfect matchRoasted lamb with sweet potatoes
  • The perfect occasion Brunch
An exclusive cuvée straight from Chile!
Jean-Michel Deluc Head Sommelier of Le Petit Ballon
  • The estate

    Domaine Las Ninas

    In Chile, the best sites for vineyards take advantage of the refreshing Pacific ocean and the influence of the looming, Andes mountains. The result is long, warm days, cool nights and an excellent balance of acidity and sugar in the grapes. This is the exact reason the Dauré family bought this estate in 1996, yet it was the hard work of the daughters of the family (Las Niñas) which has seen it rise to its current fame. A dream come true!  

  • Jean-Michel Deluc says

    It's been a real privilege to be a part of making this wine, in fact I can still remember the table covered with bottles of varietal samples, all from grapes grown in the Colchagua Valley. Alongside the head wine-maker, we've created a unique blend just for you; Carmenère, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blended together to create a powerful, juicy wine. Aside from being both accessible and delicious, Las Ninas Mapuche 2015 also pays tribute to the aboriginal communities of central Chile and Argentina. Enjoy!

  • Wine family

    Ready Reds
    Red wines
      Ready Reds
    Delicious with Meat Cheese
    Ideal for Aperitif

    Reds that adapt to any situation.

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  • Wine and food Pairing

    • Meat : Grilled red and white meats, chili con carne, duck confit, hamburgers
    • Cheese : Brie, Camembert, Laguiole, Bleu des Causses.
  • Details

    • Origin : World Appellation : Vallée de Colchagua (Chili)
    • Keeping potential : 2018
      Keeping : 2022
      Ready to drink
    • Grapes : Carmenère, cabernet sauvignon, merlot.
    • Culture : Conventional
    • Service : 16-17°
    • Decanting : 1h
    • Alcohol : 13,5%
    • Cont. : 750 mL
    • Sulfite : Yes
  • Tasting

    • Ideal for : Family lunch, Brunch, Dinner, Barbecue
    • Eye : The wine has an intense colour, with powerful shades ranging from dark purple to a more delicate violet.
    • Nose : On the nose, there is an inviting blend of aromas with black fruits mixed with notes of pepper, chilli, violets and licorice.
    • Mouth : On the palate the wine is rich and dense, with a hint of spice and a long finish. What a charmer!
    • Summary
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