Age of Raisin - 2018 November Box

Age of Raisin

Tous les mois, c'est un nouveau thème qui accompagnera vos dégustations. Les vins proposés dans nos box sont sélectionnés par notre Maître Sommelier Jean-Michel Deluc. Voici un aperçu des sélections de ce mois-ci.

Bubble bar: Christmas with a pop

It’s Time to Make the Party Pop!
Nothing says Party Time quite like the sound of popping corks! This month, we’re going to present two of our favourite sparkling wines, both literally sparkling with energy! Light, fun and refreshing, choose the bubbles to accompany you through the holiday season wisely. Now’s the time to stock up before the madness of Christmas begins. Not least, we’ll take you through the differences between the sparkling wines of the world; all Champagne is sparkling, but not all sparkling wines are Champagne.

Grab a glass and raise it high; Cheers to you all!

La sélection Retro Reds - Crisp

Château Laride

Château Laride 2008

AOP Haut-Médoc

Classic and traditional; it has to be a Chateau from Domaines Fabres! We found this beauty in the world famous Haut-Medoc, dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon and softened by Merlot, with a touch of spicy Petit Verdot to round out the blend. It's now at its peak and a wonderful example of why Bordeaux is so sought after around the world. A surprise is in store, if you've never tasted a wine like this before!

Retro Reds
Champagne CL de la Chapelle

Le Favori

AOP Champagne

This beautiful Champagne is the combined effort of 5 vignerons in the region, utilising all three of Champagne's major grape varieties. A wonderful wine of finesse and freshness thanks to the Chardonnay, with the structure of Pinot Noir and the delicious, fruity flavours of Pinot Meunier combining wonderfully. There're lots of reasons we like this wine so much, and its versatility, ideal with aperitifs to dessert, is just one of them!


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