Age of Raisin - 2018 September Box

Age of Raisin

Tous les mois, c'est un nouveau thème qui accompagnera vos dégustations. Les vins proposés dans nos box sont sélectionnés par notre Maître Sommelier Jean-Michel Deluc. Voici un aperçu des sélections de ce mois-ci.

The Adventures of the Lost Grapes

September is here!

Ah, the dreaded back to school. We almost forget what it’s like to go back to the daily grind. The things we’re used to doing every day suddenly seem unnatural after a long summer holiday. Thinking about the memories of the long summer, we realised that a lot of grape varieties and regions are also left behind. As a result, we’ve formed The Adventurers of the Lost Grapes!

There are nearly 10,000 different varieties of vines in the world! France allows for only 220 to be used in commercial production and 20 of them account for the vast majority of all wine made in France. A handful of winemakers are fighting the good fight and giving a second life to some of the most interesting grapes varieties outside of this Top 20, and we hope you’ll give them a chance and try them for yourselves and see what you think.

Come along for the ride. We promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

La sélection Robust Reds - Crisp

Château Henri Bonnaud

Château Henri Bonnaud - Palette 2015 organic

AOP Palette

Finally, a wine from Palette! This intimate and rare appellation, found at the foot of the magnificent Saint-Victoire mountains, produces wines that are fruity, mineral and very elegant. Henri Bonnaud is the star of the region and whilst these wines will age well, I can barely keep my hands off them! I'm delighted to share this hidden gem with you all.

Robust Reds
Maison Lingot-Martin

Le Cellier Lingot-Martin - Cuvée Classique Méthode Ancestrale

AOP Bugey

Drinking this delicious wine brings back two memories for me; Lyon and the Auberge Ravoux in Auvers-sur-Oise. This is where I first discovered this remarkable appellation and the sparkling wine produced here, full of tangy red fruits and refreshing acidity; neither too dry nor too sweet. A real discovery for me and one that I'm delighted to share with you! I hope you'll share the bottle with your friends and keep the message going!


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