Grape Expectations - 2018 August Box

Grape Expectations

Tous les mois, c'est un nouveau thème qui accompagnera vos dégustations. Les vins proposés dans nos box sont sélectionnés par notre Maître Sommelier Jean-Michel Deluc. Voici un aperçu des sélections de ce mois-ci.

Ready, steady, holiday!

The summer holidays are finally here! Football was on its way home and got a little lost nearing the finish line, but what a memorable tournament that was. The country came together; gardens, pubs and parks were filled with people clad in white and red, and the sun had his hat on and came out to play!

Now’s the time to sit back. Take a break from your daily routine. Whether you’re enjoying days by the pool, basking in endless hours of relaxation; or your more of an ‘up and at ‘em’ adventurer always on the lookout for your next experience, make sure you enjoy your summer just the way YOU like it.

Make time for yourself. For the beautiful moments where it’s just you, your glass of wine and not much else, we’ve created a little puzzle book to keep you entertained.

So, where to now? Your summer awaits.

La sélection Relaxed Reds - Ready Reds

Domaine Cros Pujol

Famille Cros Pujol - O Sud 2016

IGP Pays d'Oc

The Cros-Pujol family have been at home at Château Grézan for 5 generations and I think it's fair to say that they know the terroir of Faugère well! Today we're presenting a simple but delicious simple IGP Pays d'Oc, full of southern warmth and juicy fruit. Produced from Merlot, Syrah and Carignan, this is a beautiful wine that expresses not only the warmer climates, but the terroir of a land caught between the sea and the mountains. Fruit, flowers, softness and character; grab a glass and see for yourself!

Relaxed Reds
Prieuré La Chaume

Bel Canto 2017 organic

IGP Val de Loire-Vendée

It's rare that I rate a wine 19/20, yet here we are! Once again, Christian Chabirand has proven that it's possible to produce fantastic wine in an inhospitable climate. His 2017 vintage is a true combination of passion and intelligence, and his Merlot in particular is outstanding; juicy, fresh and just a touch rugged. Too young? Not at all; simply too good!

Ready Reds

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