Grape Expectations - 2018 November Box

Grape Expectations

Tous les mois, c'est un nouveau thème qui accompagnera vos dégustations. Les vins proposés dans nos box sont sélectionnés par notre Maître Sommelier Jean-Michel Deluc. Voici un aperçu des sélections de ce mois-ci.

Bubble bar: Christmas with a pop

It’s Time to Make the Party Pop!
Nothing says Party Time quite like the sound of popping corks! This month, we’re going to present two of our favourite sparkling wines, both literally sparkling with energy! Light, fun and refreshing, choose the bubbles to accompany you through the holiday season wisely. Now’s the time to stock up before the madness of Christmas begins. Not least, we’ll take you through the differences between the sparkling wines of the world; all Champagne is sparkling, but not all sparkling wines are Champagne.

Grab a glass and raise it high; Cheers to you all!

La sélection Retro Reds - Crisp

Château de Beaulieu

Château de Beaulieu 2006

AOP Côtes du Marmandais

A Côtes-du-Marmandais! I adore finding great wines from lesser appellations, particularly when they contain unique grape varieties such as this wine, which has a large component of Abouriou. Close to Bordeaux in style with subtle complexity and real structure, this is a real discovery!

Retro Reds
Antech Limoux

Maison Antech - Vintage 2015

AOP Crémant de Limoux

I love the vineyards of Limoux, which have proven once again that great white wine can be made in a warm climate. I wanted to showcase this through the wonderful crémant of the region, and through one of the top producers, like Maison Antech. The 2015 vintage is fresh, delicate and full of flavour. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!


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