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Grape Expectations

March 2017

Our Master Sommelier Jean-Michel Deluc, former Sommelier of the Ritz, has selected you a unique combination this month.

Domaine Coudoulis - Evidence 2015

AOP Lirac

An excellent wine with a truly southern style! Coudolis is a name, or rather a place, that I've been familiar with for a very long time. I've always appreciated the philosophy of this very avant-garde appellation to the south of the Rhone Valley. Born of a passion, that of Bernard Callet, and supported by Patrick Hilaire, a great specialist of the Rhone the domaine enters it's third decade with a simple motto: Excellence. The name given to this cuvée, Evidence, is a reference to the evidence of the pure fruit, finesse and terroir. This generous, charming wine is built on originality, traditional grape varieties, purity and innovation. Proof, if any were needed, that AOC Lirac need not envy its more famous neighbours and can indeed produce wines of equal class and quality.

Le Vigneron Savoyard - Initiale 2016

AOP Savoie

Savoie is really in fashion these days, and not just because of the skiing, raclettes and fondues but also due to the exceptional terroir for wine, interesting grape varieties and balanced wines full of flavour and freshness. This delicious offering from Jacquère is a great example; full of perfume, fruits and flowers with a light minerality and a simple aim to bring maximum pleasure to the drinker. Sometimes wines really speak to you, and if this is saying anything, it's very loudly stating that the Savoie is currently offering not only some of the best wines available at the moment, but certainly the best value for money!

The Gazette

Winter wines !

Whether you’re heading down the slopes, already on your way back up or resting in your chalet, chances are you’re in the mood for something warm and fuzzy, preferably with a good few calories!

Whatever you’re doing this February, we wish you all the best and as always, happy tastings!