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Grape Expectations

February 2018

Our Master Sommelier Jean-Michel Deluc, former Sommelier of the Ritz, has selected you a unique combination this month.

Domaine Les Lys - Duché d’Uzès 2015

AOP Duché d'Uzès

We have a new wine for your table this month! On the border, stylistically, between the Languedoc and the Rhone, Domaine les Lys is a thirst-quenching, fruity and tender gem of a wine. Made with 60% Grenache for its spicy, red fruit profile and 40% Syrah for finesse and freshness, this is a gorgeous wine that's best drank young and preferably in generous quantities!

Jean Perrier & Fils - Savoie Fleur d’Altesse 2016

AOP Savoie

Savoie is currently enjoying a renaissance of sorts, mostly due to the impeccable balance of the wines which are only now being rediscovered. Case in point; this delicious wine that is full of fruit and floral notes, yet balanced by the minerality from the rocky soils of the Savoie. A lovely wine whether by itself or with food, and clear evidence of why these wines are suddenly back in vogue. Our thanks to the Perrier family for their continued hard work over the decades!

The Gazette

Let's go back to basics!

At Le Petit Ballon we’re all about great tasting wine without any of the pretentiousness. To quote Jean-Michel, our sommelier, “wine is too serious a matter to be taken seriously”, so don’t forget to have fun as you taste!

In February we’re thinking about alpine wines, comforting mountain food and (for a lucky few), skiing! That’s why we’ve selected some of our favourite wines from Savoie to include in the February selection. So, whether you’re heading off to the mountains, or hosting a raclette party in the comfort of your own home, you’ll have a taste of the Savoie mountains to enjoy this month.

Happy tastings!