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Grape Expectations

June 2018

Our Master Sommelier Jean-Michel Deluc, former Sommelier of the Ritz, has selected you a unique combination this month.

Sainte Béatrice - Baletti 2017

AOP Côtes de Provence

Your summer rose!

Of over 60 roses of 2017 I have tasted, this one, like every year, is the winner.We are happy to honor this Côtes-de-Provence rose, cuvee Sainte-Béatrice, as our rose of the summer! This Le Petit Ballon signed rose is made from cinsault, grenache, and syrah grapes from the Argens Valley. Valérie Rousselle, from the classified Château Roubine, has recently taken over this property, and she is working with the greatest respect for nature. This wine is fruity, crisp, and full of minerality- just how I like my roses.

Domaine Pélaquié - Grand Vernet 2016

AOP Côtes du Rhône Villages Laudun

It's very rare that I score a wine so highly, but here it is! This excellent vintage of Grand Vernet showcases a brilliant balance between some powerful elements. The Grenache, for its fruit and spice, the Syrah for freshness and florality, and the Mourvedre for its wild, gamey nature. Somehow all these elements are in perfect harmony and the result is utterly charming. Young yet already complex and with a wonderful combination of modern wine-making and respect for terroir

The Gazette

Rosé wine on a sunny holiday, with the sea lapping at our feet; priceless!

Rosé wine brings with it memories of simpler times; the evening song of the cicadas, summer romances and good times with friends!

Rosé wine is the long and lazy summer lunch; the beautiful, seductive companion who makes it difficult to get out of your chair afterwards!

Rosé wine is the glass that always gets left by the swimming pool, forgotten and invariably ends up going for a swim!

Rosé wine is all this and so much more. A snapshot of a summer well spent, of sun-kissed memories and moments that will last forever.

It’s time to jump in head-first and find out more about this gorgeous wine, of every shade and style. Wherever you are, you’re always well accompanied by a glass of rosé!