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jean michel deluc

Our Wine Expert!

Jean-Michel Deluc, Former Master Sommelier, The Ritz

Every bottle of wine has been handpicked by our Master Sommelier, through a meticulous tasting process. Jean-Michel has a wealth of experience, having selected wine for some of the most prestigious establishments in the world.

The Gazette

Our monthly magazine full of useful tips, recipes and bite-sized articles.
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Grape Expectations

Discovery at its best

Discover unexplored wineries and great value wines straight from the vineyard, thanks to Jean-Michel’s expert selection.

  • 2 bottles of wine
  • Tasting notes for each bottle
  • The Le Petit Ballon Gazette
From £74.70 for a 3 month subscription
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Age of Raisin

Prestigious labels for connoisseurs

Jean-Michel’s selection of the crême de la crême of wine. Only the most exceptional bottles are included in this option.

  • 2 bottles of wine
  • Tasting notes for each bottle
  • The Le Petit Ballon Gazette
From £119.70 for a 3 month subscription
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4 Great Reasons to Treat Someone On Valentine's Day!

  • A Surprise Every Month

    When you gift a wine subscription box from Le Petit Ballon, you're not offering just one great gift. You are offering 3, 6 or 12 great gifts.

  • Discover Amazing Wines

    Le Petit Ballon is a unique opportunity to discover new delicious wines every month, straight from the wine-growers.

  • Wines To Fall In Love With

    Everyone’s tastes are different. We help people understand the flavours they like, making it easier to find wines they love

  • Exclusive Discounts on Bottles

    Subscribers can re-purchase any of the bottles they have received, at a discount of course!

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  • image rating Niel Liverpool

    A new experience every month! Simple and effective!

  • image rating James Loughborough

    I'd be a little lost without it, wine-wise. I've become a bit of a wine fanatic!

  • image rating Kate Hull

    A lovely gift and the wines never disappoint - new discoveries every time. Customer service are very helpful, too!

  • image rating Christopher London

    Every month feels like a little wine adventure. Keep up the good work, guys!

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"The gift that keeps giving!"
  • Once purchased, the gift card is sent to you immediately as a PDF. You can choose to print it out and give it to the recepient in person, or email it to them directly. Once they've received their gift card, they'll have to activate it by visiting our website and entering the unique code found on the gift card. They'll be asked for their delivery address and once that's been given, we'll send out their first box.
  • It's really up to them. They've got a year to activate their gift card by visiting the "Received a gift?" page on our website. If the gift card is activated before the 20th of the month, they'll receive their first box 4 to 8 days after said activation. If the gift card is activated after the 20th of the month, they'll receive their first selection between the 11th and the 15th of the following month.
  • The Le Petit Ballon gift card can be either printed or sent to the recipient via email. We then wait for the recipient to activate their gift card before asking for a delivery address. The recipient will have control over where their boxes are sent and can update their delivery address throughout their subscription, if they need to. NB: we deliver to mainland UK only
  • Usually, it's the recipient of your gift card who activates their subscription. If you want to activate the subscription yourself, instead of the recipient, please note that:
    1. If you create an account using the recipient's email address, they will immediatly be notified with a confirmation email when you activate the subscription (worth considering if your gift is a surprise).
    2. If you use your own account to activate your subscription, you will then be considered the recipient of the subscription. The recipient of your gift will no longer have access to all of the benefits reserved for subscribers from their own email account