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Grape Expectations£29.89 / month (incl. delivery)

Every month, the recipient will receive a box containing:

  • 2 bottles of wine Selected by Jean-Michel Deluc, Master Sommelier of Le Petit Ballon.

  • Tasting notes With all the info on how to get the most out of the wines.

  • The Le Petit Ballon Gazette Our monthly wine magazine with recipes, wine tips and stories about our winemakers.

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jean michel deluc

«These delicious wines are perfect for people starting their wine journey and wanting to improve tasting skills»

Jean-Michel Deluc, our wine expert and former sommelier at the Ritz Paris

What types of wine are included in this subscription?

For new discoverers of the world of wine. Bottles of fantastic quality that have been sourced by our sommelier from well known vineyards and smaller appellations. Great for people who want to improve their wine tasting skills.

  • Every colour!

    The monthly wines come in all colours; red, white, sparkling and rosé!

  • Wines selected for their taste

    Great tasting wines from France as well as some special selections from around the world.

  • For drinking now

    All the wines are perfect for uncorking straight away. Best enjoyed with friends and family!

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The advantages of a Grape Expectations subscription £29.89 / month (incl. delivery)

The perfect gift

that keeps on giving, month after month

Practical and original Gifting a Le Petit Ballon wine subscription means going that extra step in gifting the perfect wine experience; something the receiver can enjoy for months to come.

Easy to gift The gift card is ideal for a last minute gift. Print it out straight away, or send by email to the recipient. Gift card valid 1 year after purchase.

No commitment The subscription automatically stops at the end of the pre-paid period with no commitment from either the gifter or the giftee.

The receiver will have access to exclusive discounts

fast delivery services and a flexible subscription.

  • The first box of the subscription has been designed to perfectly start off the Le Petit Ballon wine journey with everything needed to get the most out of the subscription, as well as two of our sommeliers favourite wines to start with.
  • The receiver has full control over when they want to start their subscription. Full details on how to activate their subscription is given on the gift card and they have a year to do so.
  • Not only do we select the best wines to send our subscribers every month, we also help them understand their own personal tastes, making it easier for them to find wines they love.
  • The wines selected are always in their prime, ready to be opened straight away.
  • All our subscribers pay a discounted price on any additional wines they wish to purchase outside of their subscription. They can choose wines they’ve already tried, or branch out with something new.
  • All our boxes are sent with recorded delivery, which is trackable through the subscribers online account.
  • Less than 0.4% of our bottles arrive damaged, but we know that it can sometimes happen! If any of our bottles arrive damaged, we will send a replacement free of charge. Our customer service team are here to always find a solution.
  • Subscribers can pause or skip a month of their subscription. Perfect for holiday time!

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