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The Le Petit Ballon Winemakers

The winemakers are at the heart of the Le Petit Ballon family

Since the beginning of our adventure, more than 400 winemakers from around the world have joined us on our journey.

Le Petit Ballon is an opportunity for winemakers to showcase their vintages to thousands of amateur tasters across the UK, France and Belgium. A great platform for telling the world their own unique wine stories.

It all starts with a meeting

The Le Petit Ballon team, led by Master Sommelier Jean-Michel Deluc, roam the wine regions of France and scour the European trade shows to unearth wines that you won’t find elsewhere. The discovery begins well before opening the box, it starts with the winemakers who put their ideas and expertise into creating that magical moment when you take your first sip.

Our mission: to continuously discover new winemakers so that every month is a discovery with the opening of a new box.

The selection step!

“The first and most important selection criteria when considering new wines is taste and quality - that’s what separates a good wine from a bad wine.” Jean-Michel Deluc, Master Sommelier for Le Petit Ballon.

Le Petit Ballon wines can be red, white, rosé or sparkling and come from anywhere around the world. The selection process consists of tasting many different wines, each of which are given a mark by Jean-Michel while he tastes them. Those with the highest marks are the ones that end up in the final selection.

What our winemakers have to say about us...

“It is a real pleasure to be part of the Le Petit Ballon adventure, and be able to watch them grow, evolve and mature over time. Bravo!”
Aude Deltin - Château Malijay
“Le Petit Ballon is as passionate about our wine as we are! We take great pleasure in following their journey and discovering other wine growers together. They are a lovely team!”
Fabien Brotons - Le Clos de l'ours
“Le Petit Ballon has completely changed the way we drink wine. They brought a fresher, younger, more playful tone that moves away from the conventional. They also perfectly understand how to use new media and are meticulous when selecting their wines. In short, they are a breath of fresh air and consequently push us to be more imaginative. Congratulations and above all keep up the spirit of adventure!”
Simon Dauré - Château de Jau, Domaine Las Ninas